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Affiliate Member of the C&S Self Defense Association

Tai Chien Dojo
Durham, NH

Spirit Eagle Master Timothy A. House
6th Degree Black Belt Head Instructor

Tai Chien Dojo
Durham, NH


Head Instructor —
Spirit Eagle Master Timothy A. House
Timmothy A. House Master House holds a 6th degree black belt Master ranking with the C&S Self Defense Association.

Master House began his martial arts career on June 15, 1981 at the Rose School of Karate (at that time affiliated with the National Karate Association, Shudokan), in Portsmouth, NH under Grandmaster Peter Rose. He received his 1st Degree Black Belt in December of 1988. In May of 1990, he received his 2nd Degree Black Belt and was accepted as a disciple of Grandmaster Rose.

In 1992 Mr. House was accepted into the C&S Self Defense Association, a nation-wide organization founded by Grandmaster Rose dedicated to providing practical, sound self defense. Also, in 1992, he wrote "Form Theory (beginning and Intermediate)", a detailed description of the first six Forms in the system. This book has become one of the most used books for studying these Forms.

In May of 1994 Mr. House received his 3rd Degree Black Belt, and was presented with the Outstanding Service Award for assisting with the day to day operations of C&S Self Defense Association. Mr. House also served two terms in 1995 and 1996 as Associate Board Member of C&S Self Defense Association.

In August of 2002, Mr. House established Tai Chien Dojo with the goal of developing and promoting well-rounded educated individuals to make a difference in the community by being the best that they can be.

In July of 2003, Mr. House got involved with Canemasters International and assisted Canemaster Bruce Vinciguerra as photographer and layout artist for "CMIA, Volume 1: Beginning and Intermediate levels Self Defense". In January 2006, he also co-authored, "The Cane: the Exercise, Wellness, and Rehabilitation Manual". Both manuals are still being used as core documents in Canemasters International.

On October 4, 2009 Mr. House was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt.

On May 16, 2013 Mr. House received his 5th Degree Black Belt Master level promotion from the Governing Council of C&S Self Defense Association at the Association's 2013 Master Candidate Review. In recognition for his work bringing a student up through the ranks to 2nd Degree Black Belt Disciple level, he was awarded the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt at the 2017 Master Candidate Review.

Mr. House received a B.A in Biology from St. Joseph's College, Standish, ME in 1981 and a B.S. in Computer Sciences from Franklin Pierce College, Portsmouth, NH in 1994. He has been working for the U.S. Government since April of 1982 in the Radiological Control Office and as a Health Physicist Instructor, teaching Radiological Control Technicians focusing on Continuing Training in the Radiological Support Division since 2009. He lives in Portsmouth, NH with his wife Cindy and son, Austin. He enjoys playing guitar and piano, reading, backgammon, golf, and a good bottle of wine.

In today's world, who needs to study martial arts? Maybe those persons who are looking for values that are missing in their lives, such as self-confidence, a sense of well-being or respect for themselves through personal accomplishment. Martial arts can assist people in attaining these goals, as well as being a method of developing a better level of physical fitness.

The primary goal of a study of karate is to learn self-defense. As a result of learning to effectively defend ourselves, we find ourselves less fearful in our day-to-day lives. As our fears lessen, our confidence grows and we gain a better outlook on our lives in general. Gichin Funakoshi, who is considered the Father of modern day karate, said it best:

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but the perfection of the character of its participants."


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